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Strings Ramen Lakeview

Strings Ramen Shop pulls a piece of Japanese Culture to Chicago. We currently have three locations in Chicago, one is in the heart of Chinatown, directly across from New Chinatown Square; one location in Lakeview; the other in Hyde Park. While other restaurants may serve ramen along with a number of other entrees, Strings Ramen focuses specifically on ramen. Along with ramen, Strings Chinatown also offers the appetizing oden, a Japanese winter street food. On top of tasting delightful, the ramen at Strings is also affordable but gives the option of adding more deluxe ingredients. The menu includes four types of ramen broth with a variety of high-end ingredients that are added to make the dish even more delectable.

One of the major aspects of Strings is the noodles themselves. Strings will make fresh noodles daily using only their unique dough mixer and noodle maker imported straight from Japan. The use of fresh noodles, and genuine broth combined with passion and the use of only the best ingredients will certainly set Strings Ramen Shop apart.

Strings is a first-come, first-serve ramen joint. We try to turn our tables over quickly so that we are able to serve the busy stream of hungry customers with good-quality customer service, therefore we are unfortunately not able to accept reservations. Please understand.

If you have any comment or suggestion, or want to get more specific information about us, feel free to contact us at (773) 661-6442, or browse our website, we will be delight to hear from you any time!

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